Precision Measurement Equipment Labs
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Radiation/Health Physics Vibration-Accelerometer
Gas/Vapor/FID-PID/OVA CMM Calibration
Airflow/Air Sampling Contrast Inspection
Temperature/Humidity Dimensional Gage
Resistance/Voltage Electronics Calibration
Time/Timer Hard Gage
Torque-Mic Machine Tools
Particle Counter Sand Test
Sound/Noise Standards
Mercury Sniffer Surface Plate

Labs are NIST Traceable Instrument Calibration Labs
ANSI Standard Followed
(Testing methods are in accordance with ANSI 2540 and ISO 1702-5)

On-site Static Equipment Mobile Service Available (Florida Only) – CALL
*Medical (Continental US) – CALL
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Custom Repairs Prices

Hourly Rate $95.00
Evaluation Fee / Custom Build Proposal  (Waived If Repairs Proceed)
Evaluation can only be done on WORKING units.

Static Equipment Calibration/Repair

Calibrations your location CALL
Hourly Rate your location $150.00
Trip Charge Based Upon Location  (Florida only) CALL